UG provides feasibility studies for projects wishing to work in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and also evaluation of the current legislations and legal environment and their rule to protect customers and provide quick services to them.

United Group also provide research paper, and legal and constitutional studies, and draft bills to improve legislative environment, as well as organise discussion sessions to discuss draft laws and suggested amendments.

Past Experience

1. Law of Associations

  • In 2007, UG submitted amendments on current NGOs law number 84/2002, the amendments goal is to ease the work of NGOs.
  • In 2008, UG submitted a draft executive regulations to help eliminate the flaws in NGOs law number 84/2002.
  • In 2012, UG submitted constitutional draft regarding formation and establishment of NGOs, and NGOs law.


2. Information draft law

  • In 2008, UG prepared an information draft law, the draft law was discussed in a conference with the attendance of four-hundred legal and media personnel and experts.
  • In 2011, and in cooperation with Special International projects, to make amendments to the draft law and to come out with constitutional text for freedom of information, both amendments and constitutional text were submitted to Committee Drafting Constitution to be taken into consideration.
  • In 2011, and in cooperation with African Committee for Freedom of Information – The African Union, UG prepared a typical African draft law on freedom of information.


3. Exercise of Political Rights Law

  • In 2005, and in cooperation with International Foundation for Electoral Systems and Political Studies Center – Faculty of economics and political science, Cairo university, a draft law on exercise of political rights law. It was the first project to establish an independent committee to manage elections and create a judicial formation as well as the application of the whole system taking individual seats and political parties’ closed lists, and give an appropriate number of seats for women.
  • After the constitutional amendments in 2007, UG reviewed its draft law and resubmitted a new draft law -in cooperation with its partners- taking into consideration the new constitutional amendments.
  • In 2013, in cooperation with ministry of transitional justice, UG organized a press conference to discuss a draft law on exercise of political rights law, prepared by the ministry, and with the attendance of experts to come out with suggestions to develop the draft law.


4. A draft law to prevent child labor

  • A draft law to prevent child labor and elimination of its negative impact on society. UG was assigned to prepare the draft law by Al-Questas association for community development, and in cooperation with Japanese government.


5. Prevention of torture project

  • In 2015, UG prepared a draft law on prevention of torture, in accordance with the new constitutional amendments and criticism of the current legislation environment.